Flambient Photography

Flash photography professionally blended with an ambient exposure for a bright, natural look


Overcast, grey skies? Okay probably, we're in Scotland! We can give you blue skies everyday with a sky replacement


Using the latest editing techniques we will deliver outstanding images that will snatch the clients attention away from your competitors

Fast Turnaround

24 hour turnaround time will ensure there are no delays to getting your listing on the market as fast as possible 

Drone photo of countryside property
Drone photo of countryside property
Birdseye drone photo
Tower Office 3
Kitchen 1
Dining Room
Dining Room 2
Bedroom 1 EnSuite
Downstairs Living Room 2
Aerial Close Up
1st Floor Bathroom
Dining Table
Bedroom 3
Kitchen 2
Bedroom 1
Kitchen View
Bedroom 3 2



Established in Dunblane since 2015, Crawford Digital Media produces professional property photography, video and drone aerial images.  

We also produce content for social media that will get your business message through to your target audience, strengthen your brand image and promote customer loyalty. 


In this age where we are consuming information at an unprecended rate, it is vital that you retain your customers attention - that is your greatest asset.

We can help you with that.

Dunblane Aerial Drone Property Photographer Crawford Digital Media Stirling Scotland



You'll get nowhere without your buyer's attention. That is your oxygen. Breath easy and enchant them with the best property photography and video content. After all, your media represents your brand. 

Why use a professional photographer?

Well, the answer is simple - the knowledge and experience of the best time of day to shoot, the correct composition that guides the eye through the journey of the photograph, to tell its story and the best use of lighting.


Advanced post production editing workflows which all contribute to deliver photographs that will be outstanding in comparison to the competition around it. 

Kitchen Professional Property Photography Dunblane Stirling Scotland Crawford Digital Media Property Photographer

 Present the best version of your property to the market



Moving house is a stressful time, we get it.


Whether you are an estate agent or a private seller, the one number asset we can provide you with is peace of mind.


When you trust us to make your listing as attractive as possible, rest assured that the knowledge, experience and advanced post production editing will deliver photographs that will be outstanding in comparison to the competition around it. 


A qualified & insured drone pilot will safely capture photo & video that will give your listing a cinematic quality. Showing potential buyers the property in context of its surrounding environment can help solidify their decision making.


Looking at the world from a different perspective can make all the difference; Stun your audience with elevated shots.

27_DJI_0710_Crawford Digital Media_CCE.jpg


The future of the Internet is video content. Previous bandwidth restrictions are no longer relevant. It is the best medium to explain and demonstrate simple or complex ideas in a short space of time.


The key is getting your audience emotionally invested, then they are more likely to choose your listing.

Our style veers away from trends and fads; it is instead informed by filmmaking techniques that incorporate composition, timing, lighting and movement.

Drone Aerial Professional Property photography Dunblane Stirling Scotland Crawford Digital Media


Our goal is to present the best version of your property to the market. This is achieved by using advanced photography techniques and skilled post production.


A 24 hour turnaround time will ensure everyone will see your listing as soon as possible.


'Great to meet you and thank you so much for the photos – they are amazing!'


Angie, Dunblane

'Super super photos, can not thank you enough!'


Cally, Dunblane

'We just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the lovely photos you took of our cottage and garden. We very much appreciated your prompt response, time taken, patience given and efforts made to get the best photos to represent our home.

We love the outcome.'

Barbara, Dunblane

'Just wanted to thank you for the pictures you took of our house last week.  We went to closing date today and achieved a really great offer (5 really great offers actually).  We had 18 different viewers through the week. I think the way the house was captured made a huge difference.'

Colin, Dunblane